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Award Categories

Best use of solar in a community/social benefit project

This award recognises solar installations where communities have either been involved in their development/financing, or are due to benefit substantially from community/social benefit funds linked to their construction. Projects should be completed after 1 June 2016. Nominations should include details of any fundraising programmes or share offers linked to the project’s development if applicable, as well as details of where benefit fund spending has been allocated for the good of local communities. Testimonials from local representatives should be included where applicable/available.

Clean transport scheme

This award is to celebrate the success of any scheme or programme established to decarbonise the transport options of a company, council, local authority or area. All forms of decarbonised transport will be recognised, including multiple forms of electric vehicles as long as more than one individual vehicle is included in the scheme. Nominations should include the scope of works launched by the nominating party, details of any technologies chosen, the extent to which the scheme has reduced carbon emissions and details of any other benefits.

Commercial Rooftop PV

The Commercial Rooftop PV award celebrates solar systems installed on the roofs of non-domestic properties, including commercial properties and public buildings, completed after 1 June 2016. Nominations should include details of the system size, equipment used and details of the economic, electricity and decarbonisation benefits received by the owner, tenant, local authority, council or other non-residential recipient. This category is strictly limited to rooftop installations. Testimonials from the beneficiary should also be included if available.

Contractor of the year

The coveted contractor of the year award is handed to businesses which have gone above and beyond in the clean energy space, acting in an exemplary fashion and completing their works to the highest possible standard. Companies should nominate themselves, including details of completed works, testimonials from clients and customers, and a summary of what sets them apart from their competitors.

Energy efficiency and corporate sustainability programme

The energy efficiency and corporate sustainability programme year of the award recognises corporates that have gone above and beyond in the past year to drive change in their business, be it through the adoption of energy conservation, on-site generation, carbon footprint reduction, or simply changing employee attitudes to sustainability. Nominations should include the company’s identity and any parties that helped them become more sustainable, how the business has benefitted from a result of their sustainability programme, and details of any future efficiency targets that have been put into place. While this award will be presented to the corporate entity first and foremost, associated parties will too be recognised.

Energy storage project

This category is for energy storage projects of all sizes, installed in the UK and Ireland after 1 June 2016. Residential, commercial and utility-sized projects will be considered for this award. Residential projects can be collectively nominated providing systems are installed under any one programme or body of work. Nominations should include project specifics including its application (peak-shaving, grid ancillary services, DSR etc), technology used and any recorded benefits.

Finance innovation

The finance innovation category is for financial products launched for the benefit or growth of the clean energy sector on or after 1 June 2016. Nominations should include details of the product on offer, its uptake with consumers and how the product has been used to promote the clean energy industry. If the product has been used to finance the development of a particular renewables project, details of it should also be included.

Ground-mount Solar PV

This category is for solar installations of all sizes installed upon the ground of all connection types, including grid connection, sleeved and private-wire, completed after 1 June 2016. Systems connected under remaining subsidy schemes (i.e. 1.2 ROCs) are accepted into this category. Nominations should include details regarding the system’s size, connection, financing, equipment used and the names of all associated parties.

International solar project

The International solar project award recognises truly innovative or defining solar projects completed outside of the UK and Ireland after 1 June 2016. All types of solar project are valid (residential, commercial and ground-mount) and must represent the best practice the global solar community has to offer. Details of project specifics – size, location, any relevant subsidy support/financing agreement – should be included, as well as a summary of what sets this project apart from the crowd.

O&M Provider of the year

New for 2017, the O&M provider of the year awarded is to recognise providers or contractors that have exceeded expectations in ensuring the UK’s solar infrastructure remains not just operational, but optimised to perform above expectations. Suppliers should nominate themselves and include details of their portfolio under contract, testimonials from clients and customers and details as to the scopes and services they provide.

Outstanding achievement

The outstanding achievement award celebrates individuals that have achieved significant amounts in their careers, which they have dedicated to furthering the renewable sector. Individuals should be nominated by others, including details of their achievements and accomplishments within the sector and how those achievements have been for the good of the industry.

Product innovation

This award will celebrate the most innovative products released to the UK supply chain on or after 1 June 2016. Products of relevance to renewable energy installers of various technologies and markets will be considered. Nominations should include the product’s application, details of its benefit to installers or contractors and a summary as to why the product is particularly innovative or different to alternative solutions.

Residential Rooftop PV

This award recognises excellence in the field of domestic solar PV installation, focusing on specific installs of solar (and other technologies) in the UK residential market, completed after 1 June 2016. Nominations should include details of the system size and equipment used, as well as any available details regarding the benefit received by the consumer or resident. Any extraordinary design aspects or works needed to complete the install should also be mentioned.